Oceanworthy (2026)


'Businessworthy' is a fresh breez in the right direction for our oceans. Businesses and investors should be held accountable for their degradation of the ocean. The question is: are they businessworthy or more specifically and promising: are they 'oceanworthy'?

Work in progress...


We are at a milestone societally, environmentally and culturally. Humanity, nature and climate are at stake, and 'businessworthy' comes as a fresh breeze, in the midst of the crisis. Worthy business candidates are nominated to the Bussiness for Peace Prize for excellent, value-driven, and societal responsible businesses, each year. The prize goes to the nominee with the most value-driven, societal and ethical responisble business. Because, the term 'businessworthy' simply states that businesses have an ethical responsibility to be value-driven, to contribute societally, and to to help solve challenges, such as the environmental crisis, we are faced with (businessforpeace.org 2019). Businesses and their investors have an ability to change rapidly and find creative, innovative and economically prosperous solutions, when faced with obstacles. So why not ask the businesses and their investors to help us save the oceans? Are they 'Oceanworthy'? Do they take their part of the responsibility for the degrading of our oceans? This brief essay will start out by sorting out the challenges we are up against, when it comes to the future of our oceans. These challenges are: loss of biodiversity, overfishing, emissions from agriculture and industry, the climate crisis, and floods of plastic. And the author will then head onto how businesses and their investors can contribute in saving the future of our ocean, and why they are particularly equipped to do so. They offer the ability to change rapidly, and come up with the most creative and innovative solutions, when they encounter obstacles and challenges. But, are they oceanworthy? This will be discussed in this brief essay. So, let us face the difficulties we are up against, by starting out with sorting out the obstacles, the challenges, and then head on to the potential solutions to the problems, which the ocean is encountering. And finally, we must take on the task to examine the environmental capabilities and possibilities, of the future of our ocean.


What is the Ocean?

What Kinds of Challenges do the Ocean Face?

What is a Bussiness and what is Businessworthy?

What is an Investor?

What is Oceanworthy?


Can Businesses and their Investors become Oceanworthy?

How can Investors and their Bussinesses help Save the Future of the Ocean?

What are the Obstacles?

Why are Investors and their Bussinesses particularly Equipped to Save our Ocean?

The Role of Value-driven Investors and Bussinesses: Why does It Matter?

What are the Solutions?

What Does it Take to Save the Ocean?


And finally: the Investors and their Businesses Environmental Impact


On the Challenges our Ocean will Face in the Future, if we do not Interfere...

Are we Worthy our Ocean?


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