Cathedral Thinking Applied to Environmental Challenges (2026)

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Cathedral Thinking Applied on the Environmental Challenges

On How to Apply Holistic Thinking and Plans on Actions to Save the Environment (2026)

By Ingrid Katrine Amundsen


Work in progress...


To have a far-reaching Green vision, make a thoughtfull blueprint that supports the environment, share and connect to a commitment socially, and implement the long-term goal based o shared visions and beliefs: to save the planet. The author will adress the urgent matter if Cathedral Thinking can be applied on the environment: is it possible to handle and grasp the complexity of such an impossible challenge theoretically?


What is Cathedral Thinking?

What is the Environment?

How Are We Socially Connected?

What is Cathedral Thinking Applied to the Environment?

Cathedral thinking applied to the environment is to repeat: a far-reaching green vision, a well thought-out Blueprint to support the environment, and a shared and socially connected commitment on a long-term Implementation based on common shared viisions and beliefs: to save the planet.


What is the Far-reaching Green Vision?

What is the Well Thought-out Blueprint to Support the Environment?

What Kind of Shared and Socially Connected Commitment Does This Take?

How do we Accomplish the Long-term Implementation; to Save the Planet?




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