The Rattle in the Box: Children Restrained by Poverty (2023)

By Ingrid Katrine Amundsen


While a 'rattle' is a sign of life, a 'box' has clear boundries, that limitis human behaviour. The title "The Rattle in the Box", addresses the fact that childhood poverty, is the box that is limiting the lives of the children, who live in poverty. Poverty is the box, which limits childrens lives, choices, and opportunities. In our lives we are put into boxes, that may limit or empower system changes. While openness or an open box, promotes system changes, a closed box limitis system changes. The act of e.g. giving the children their opportunities to step out of the box they where born into, and rise to take on the challenges of life, is a political, economic, cultural, social, institutional, and historical reponsibility. In order to give the children opportunities in life, we need to decipher the inequality and geographic unevenness, of childhood poverty globally. We have to analyse the different boxes children are bound by, such as e.g. classes, or capital, cities or rural belongings, national or continantal differences. We must all take on the call for a system change to decreases childhood poverty. We must create institutions for children, that are open rather than closed. The future belongs to the rights of the children, and system changes that curbs up for childhood poverty. It must be a more equal end even world, socially and economically equal, as well as more even geographically. Additionally, future institutions for children must be more open and inclusive, tolerant and diverse, just and fair, in order to face future challenges. We must create a future of rattle and sound rather than of stifling silence, a future of openness rather than enclosure, for coming generations – the children of the future to rise.