Green Valuta and the Loop Economy Synthesis (2028)

I A R T  I n g r i d  K a t r i n e  A m u n d s e n /

Green Valuta and the Loop Economy Synthesis:

A Collaborative take on Planetary Economic Activities, Natural Ecosystems and

the Society: the Cyclical, Green, Evolutionary and Ecological Alternative to Capitalism (2028)

By Ingrid Katrine Amundsen


Work in progress...


What is a Synthesis?


Two System Approaches

Understanding the Collaborative Perspective

Unfolding the Planetary Scope

The Existing Economic System

What is Capitalism?

What is Capitalist Growth?

What is Capitalist Competition?

What is Capitalist Rationality?

What is a Valuta?

The Alternatives to Capitalism

What is an Ecological Economy?

What is a Green Economy?

What is a Circular Economy?

What is a Collaborative Economy?

What is an Evolutionary Economy?


Why is it Important to have a Collaborative and Planetary Scope?

What is the Difference between Cyclical and Linear?

A Capitalist Valuta or a Green Valuta, how does these differ?

How Does a Visual Model of a Cyclical, Evolutionary, Ecological and Green Economy, based on a Green Valuta; a synthesis; a Loop Economy, look like? 

Collaboration: Co-creation, co-working and co-evolving at different Geographical Scales

Why Can the Loop Economy, based on Planetary Collaboration, Contribute in Saving the Planet?


On the Transition from a Linear to a Loop Economy, What Does it Take?

A Step-by-step Tranistion from Capitalism to a Loop Economy Synthesis


To adress the Hardcore of Capitalism: Perpetual Growth, Competition and Rationality

Why Can these Hardcore Capitalist Economic Activities, Contribute in Destroying the Planet?


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