Cultural Evolution as the Gateway to Environmental Challenges (2028)

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Cultural Evolution as the Gateway to Environmental Challenges 

On How Cultural (or Social) Systemic Change Can Help Solve the Environmental Crisis (2028)

By Ingrid Katrine Amundsen


This essay stresses urgent and sensitive matters on the discussion of the notion 'culture', and how cultural evolution can cause systemic social changes, that might help us in figuring out the cultural puzzle on how to solve the environmental crisis; the missing piece of the societal puzzle globally. Can culture be our rescue, can culture be the solution, can culture be our missing piece? If that is the case, everyone, socially connected through culture, can contribute. It's time to improve cultural connections, organizations, institutions and collaborations globally in order to solve the environmental crisis.

Work in progress...


Since the word 'culture' has been abbused in the name of imperialism, it is not possible to adress the notion 'cultural evolution' without falling into the potential and catastrophical human pitfalls of being a rascist. However, this essay is not about imperialism or rascism, but for respect of those who have been discriminated against in the name of 'culture', these issues are complex, sensitive and urgent matters, that cannot be left out of the discussions.  However, to handle environmental challenges, it is fundamental to note that the author equals cultural evolution to 'systemic social change, by the means of evolution', which may have an effect on environmental change. Cultural evolution must include all human beings on the Earth. The author will adress the term 'culture', to 'artefacts, social behavior, manifestations and intellectual thoughts, produced by all human beings throughout history globally'. This is an open and global notion, which will be discussed more thoroughly in the theoretical section of this essay, on social change and environmental challenges.  But, this is most of all a discussion of what 'culture' is; through the perspective of evolution, and how culture can have impact on the environmental crisis, through systemic social change. And, this discussion; historically, is not picture perfect, therefore, it is important to repeat, that we cannot leave rascism and discrimination, out of the a holistic perspective on culture, if that is the challenge. It's time to do some dirty laundry work, to clean up the mess that privious and discriminating theories on culture, has left us with! And, create a notion of culture that is more inclusive and fair, tolerant and open, diverse and just. It's time to create an understanding of culture for all! Let's unpack the culture of our global society's embodied diverse and inclusive potentials! However, this is already present in our global and local culture(s). All I have to do is; to make a system account and system analysis, of the most reform friendly and inclusive, experimental and diverse, radical and progressive sides to our culture, on different geographical levels, from the more intimate local scale to the greater global scale. 

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