Professional Summary

I hold a MA in Architecture from The Oslo School of Architecture (AHO), and a MA in Human Geography from UiO. My main interest is human geography, particularly economic geography with questions related to social and green justice, evolutionary economic geography, system theory and innovation. Methodologically I am particularly interested in radical interdisciplinarity and open science. I explore my interests through radical and interdisiplinary academic writings, being a former board member in Kristian Ottesen`s Prize Work Group, participation as a former board member in Green Students and being on Green Student's voting list for two consecutive years. I am also quite innovative and was a participant in the finale in two innovation contests. As an artist and architect I am particularly interested in street art, photography, sculpture, contemporary architecture and urbanism, expressive painting and color, installations and performance art. I enjoy writing more conceptual short texts too.

Core Qualifications                                                                                                                     

Website ( art mediator, social criticism, writing independently in English and Norwegian, and usage of knowledge from two Master drgrees. Intuitiv, creative, organic og analytical writing style. Master degree in Human Geography: good critical and analytical writing skills, indepth knowledge. Apply good memory and Scientific literature. Master Degree in Architecture: good visual, colour and spatial skills. Experimental, abstract og conseptual. Innovation contests: future oriented, creative and innovative. work expirence: social and scientific cooperation, diversity and responisbility, gives insight. Use new methods and apply knowledge openly on new disciplines; radical interdisciplinarity and open science.


2007- Self-employed artist at IART Ingrid Katerine Amundsen, Oslo, Norway,

2018 Participation at IST (International Sustainability Transitions) Conferance with an A0 poster on "The Complex Nature of the Sharing Economy -- A Structural Case Comparison of Organizational Innovation in Four Cases of Car Sharing in Oslo, Norway", in Manchester, United Kingdom

2016-2018 Participation in research project as a Master student in Human Geography; "Shared Mobility for Innovative and Inclusive Green Cities (Sharming Cities)", collaboration between TØI and UiO, Oslo, Norway

2013 Consultant for Plan Magazine, "ByFabrikken", Oslo, Norway, in the guest editorial board: "Plan, Issue 1: Velocity"

2013 Finalist in social innovation contest; Social Innovation Camp, World Wide Narrative, green innovation, mapping of available dumsters: "DumsterWatch-app" 

2013 Finalist in green idea innovation contest: Vice-chancellor's challenge, UiO , a sketch for a sustainable gain system: "GreenDreamOslo"

2012-13 Self-employed artist in Kulturhagen, 1/2 year, Groruddalen, Veitvet, Oslo, Norway: multi-disciplinary atelier, collages for an informal opening of "Book of Veitvet"                                                                                                                                           

2011 Guiding & assistant intern at Kunsthall Oslo, Oslo, Norway, 3 months, contemporary art gallery    

2006 Architecture intern at Dahle & Breitenstein Architects AS, Oslo, 6 months, drawing flats in a listed building                          

2002 Project assistant at AHO, research project, 1 month, registration and analysis: "Immigentri"                        

2001 Exhibition assistant at Norwegian Architects Association (NAL), urbanism exhibition: "Oslo Triennale 2001"                                                                                                                                               

2000 Project assistant at Asplan Viak AS, building standard in Oslo, 1 month, inspection, registration, documentation: "Bygningsstandard i indre Oslo By" (Building standards in the inner city of Oslo)


2012-2018 Master in Human Geography from UiO, Oslo, Norway. "The Complex Nature of a Sharing Economy -- A structural Comparison of Organization Models in Four Cases of Car Sharing in Oslo, Norway"  

1999-2005 Master in Architecture from AHO, Oslo Norway, an analysis and mapping of the River of Aker in Oslo, Norway + model studies: "Transitional Liquidity"  

1997-98 First Year Student at The Royal Academy of Fine Art, School of Architecture (KADK)               

1992-95 High School Student at Nesbru High School, Asker, Akershus, Norway: General Subjects

Voluntary work

2017 Conferance assistant for Institute of Sociology and Human Geography, UiO, Oslo, Norway, systemic approach to environmental challenges: "Ecological Challenge"

2015-17 Board member in Kristian Ottesen`s Prize Workgroup, UiO, Oslo, Norway, spreading ecological gardens: "Oslo Student Gardens"

2014-15 Board member of Green Students, UiO, Oslo, Norway, green action, planning, visual comunication: "Grønne Studenter"

2013 Host at Molde Jazz Festival, Molde, Norway: "MoldeJazz"


2008 Oilpainting at Friakademiet, Oslo, Norway                                                                                     

2007 Imaging in Photoshop at Interfoto AS, Akershus, Norway                                                               

2007 Autocad intensive course at NDI, Oslo,  Norway                                                                            

2006 Microstation intensive course at Bentley AS, DARK Arkitekter AS, Oslo, Norway       

2004 Architecture workshop with Sami Rintala at NTNU,  Trondheim, Norway: «Woodpieces»

2003 Workshop, conceptual architecture, urbanism and film with RIEA at AHO, Oslo, Norway: «Urban Nomad»

1997-98 Freehand drawing at Oslo-Tegne og maleskole, Oslo, Norway                                                   

1996 Language course in German at Internationales Kulturinstitutt, Vienna, Austria 

Computer skills                                                                                                                               

Graphic: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (professional user), InDesign (intermediate user), GIMP (professional user)         

3D: FormZ and 3D Studio Max (conceptual sketching)                                                                         

Drawing: AutoCad (professional user) and Microstation (intermediate user)                                          

MS Office: Microsoft Word and Powerpoint (intermediate user)

Professional affiliations and interests                                                                                                  

2016-18 At Green Student`s Voting List, UiO, Oslo, Norway                                          

2013- SMS activist for Amnesty International                                                                                        

2012 Member in ByFabrikken (The City Factory), Oslo, Norway

Language: Norwegian (profficient user), English (independent user) and German (basic user)

Licenses: Drivers license class B

Leisure activities                                                                                                                                      

As a person with sports interests I have been on the national team in sailing for four consecutive years and I have been competing for my home district's alpine skiing team for several years, as a teenager. I am deeply fascinated by fine art and music, exciting cultural events and scientific lectures. In my spare time I enjoy rowing and swimming.

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