Work in progress...

By Ingrid Katrine Amundsen



1. A Cognitive State of Accepting Suffering -- Business-as-usual

2. A Cognitive State of Adapting -- Adjust to Climate Changes

3. A Cognitive State of Need to Decrease Emissions -- A Spur of Reducing and Acting / Do Some


Which of these Three Rocky Roads Will Help Save the Planet?

How Does These Three Functions Interplay?

Is There a Fourth Option?

4. The Fourth and Most Rewarding Way Towards a Green Future: The State of Being Proactive -- To Create Negative Emissions


A Tabula Rasa Situation

A Complete Change of Cognitive Mindsets

No Complete Change in Mindsets, no Green Future at First

When Soulshine turns into Greenshine


To Do the Most Out of the Situation: The Rocky Road Towards Negative Emissions and CO2 Capture

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