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By Ingrid Katrine Amundsen



The Art of Unfolding the Complex Nature of Multinational Oil Corporations

Multinational Oil Corporations and the 'Profitable Games' of Capitalism


The Case of Equinor in the Australian Great Bight: to Look for Oil, as for Blood -- 'Oil and Profits' at the Expense of 'Nature and Humanity'?


Multinational Oil Corporations' Unwillingness to let Profits Slip Away and their Disdain for Saving the Planet

Our Future and Vulnurable Nature in the Oily Hands of Multinational Corporations: What are the Prospects?

Why are Multinational Oil Corporations Reluctant to Save the Planet?

Resistance Towards Non-environmental Multinational Corporation


With Whom Can We Sit Around the Same Table to Negotiate With? What is Negotiable and What is Not? And, for Whom is the Table Covered for?

Oil Extraction versus the Tragedy of the Commons: Whom Are the Responsibles for Our Common Future?

How Can We Put Pressure on Multinational Oil Corporations?

Oil Extraction and Why it's Not Sustainable for the Planet


To Marginalize the Struggle for Our Common Future into a 'Profitable Game' -- What is at Stake?

Blood is shed in the Quest of Drilling for more and more Oil: Oil Extraction and Natural Disasters

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