Work in Progress...

By Ingrid Katrine Amundsen



What is an 'Economy'?

What is a 'Valuta'?

What is a 'Capitalist Economy'?

What is an 'Ecological Economy'?

What is a 'Green Economy'?

What is 'Planetary Economics'?


Why is it Important to have a Planetary Scope?

What is the Difference between Cyclical and Linear?

A 'Capitalist Valuta' or a 'Green Valuta', how does these differ?

How Does a Visual Model of a Cyclical, Ecological and Green Economy, based on a Green Valuta; a Loop Economy, look like? 

Why Can Capitalism Destroy the Planet?

Why the Loop Economy Contribute in Saving the Planet?


On the Transition from a Linear to a Cyclical, Green, Ecological; a Loop, What Does it Take?


Loop, Cyclical, Ecological and Green: The Enigmatic Wisdom of the Earth?

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