The street as the new art forum: Posters (2016)

While the introduction to these themetical works on street art; on the front page, were written by me a scientist and artist, these double exposures expresses me as an artist, visitor and resident. They show pictures shot at three different locations in Norway. While the posters are taken from the urban environment around BLÅ at Grünerløkka next to the River of Aker in Oslo, Norway, and Molde in Norway, the pictures of flowers are from more peripheral parts of Norway. They were shot along the costal path of the island; Borøya, in the municipality of Aust-Agder, South in Norway. These photographies express the unpredictable randomness of outcome and the unexpected interpretation of meaning made possible by utilizing double exposures, cross-cutting and system theory as a technical method for creating new forms of art.


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