The Shared Sky (2013)

When I was in Berlin the summer 2013 from June 16th to 21th, and Obama was in town; there was chaos in the city: All public transport in two stations around the places Obama would make a speech, large parts of the inner city, was closed off. At the same time the hottest days of the year were measured and there was no wind. Getting around the city was a challenge! The title of these collages are taken from an exhibition at the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion in Berlin called "Der Geteilte Himmel". This exhibition was open while I was at the pavilion and took pictures. The exhibition has references to Christa Wolf's book from 1964 with the same title; «The Shared Sky». The novel is set in Germany in the period around the wall was constructed in Berlin from 1961 and thereafter. These collages are inspired by the novel's title which to me is an expression of freedom, tolerance and liberty: We all share the same sky!


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