Self-organized library -- Veitvet (2013)

'Bok på Veitvet', translated from norwegian to English: 'Book of Veitvet' is a project that was initiated by a group of artists, one costume designer and two architects, among them Ulrika Staugaard and Siri Jaeger-Brudvik. Altogether they are a part of an creative business community; 'KulturHagen'or 'The garden of Culture' on Veitvet Center in Oslo, Norway. The idea behind this project was to create a self-organized library which acclaimed the resident's desire to have a separate library on Veitvet and be part of creating this library. These collages are from the unofficial opening of the project. Several artists and writers and Veitvet's residents were invited to signal the opening. These double exposures are documenting this unofficial opening. The official opening was on 22 September 2013.


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