Clouding -- in lack of disgrace (2016)

I was inspired to make these photographies after a short journey to Copenhagen; (30th of June to 2th of July 2016), when I discovered that both my two traveling companions were being blurred and dreamy because of experiencing a crush. I therefore found myself in the character of being a bystander of these intensly beautiful and magnificent feelings akin to all the facetted orchestra of floral colours:

Dahlia, Angelica, Almond-tree and Dandelion. Acacia? Pink, clove - Tulip and Nightshade? Dittany, white and Fennel. Hair-moss, Hawthorn, Hyacinth, wild - Iris, flaming and Jonquille. Virginian Cowslip. Olive. Water-lily, or Marigold, garden? Rose, wild. Passion-flower or King's-spear? Rose, striped.

While each flowers is entangled with a specific symbolic meaning, my fascination for system theory; which this photograpic project also is inspirert by, belongs to the world of science and logic. In short, system theory is based on making new combinations of already existing elements, in this case; clouds and flowers. While clouding can be defined as a state or feeling of falling into disgrace, the contrast is openly lack of disgrace or simply grace. The title of this project therefore consists of two contrasting notions. These two contrasting notions and the combination of flowers and clouds, opens up the possibility of multiple complex and contrasting contents of meaning. Though, I have still tried to keep this series of photographes as simpel and clear of ambiguously or conflicting interpretations. These double exposures are also partly inspired by the Damien Hirst picture; "I feel love", which consists of dried butterflies mounted with pins on a glossy lacquered; cool and light green color, on canvas. This work of art express a stark contrast to the situation my travel companions were feeling. Although Hirst's picture in its intepretation leaves no room for romantic dreaming; these double exposures opens up the door to the house of dought, fear and worries, which might accompany feelings such as an affection or a crush. I called them; 'clouding', simply because I used clouds to make the photographies of flowers become unclear and I found this state my travel companiens experienced, come across to me as being particularly fragile, distant, dreamy, remote and somewhat clouded. Although they were at times experiencing a great feeling of cloudedness, it; on the contrary, seemed to me as though the situation was open, full of possibilities, and they were in complete lack of falling into disgrace. This fact makes me remember the simplicity of Morcheeba's elucidating lyrics:

"Fear can stop you loving / Love can stop your fear / Fear can stop you loving / But it's not always that clear…". (Morcheeba 1998).


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Hirst, D., (1994-95): "I feel Love". Butterflies and household gloss paint on canvas. 213-213 cm. Oslo: Astrup Fearnley Museum.

Morcheeba (1998): "Fear and Love". Big Calm (LP). Bigdipper.