East Side Gallery (2013)

When I was in Berlin; in the summer of 2013 from June 16th to 21th, and Obama was in town, there was chaos in the city: All public transport in two stations around the places Obama would make a speech, large parts of the inner city was closed off. At the same time the hottest days of the year were measured and there was no wind. It was a challenge to get around the city! During Obama's visit to Berlin he visited famous monuments, such as; The Berlin Wall, which is the most famous and mentioned Memorial in Berlin. The wall was constructed in 1961 and fell in 1989, and then East Germany and West Germany reunited. This picture series is from the Berlin Wall along Muhlenstrasse (between Kreutzberg and Friedrichshain). This part of the wall was fixed up in 2009, when several artists were invited to give the Berlin Wall a visual message of freedom.


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