A Turn of the Tide (2020)

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A Turn of the Tide: On Young Climate Strikers

Young Climate Strikers Rightful Fight for a Future and Why They are Blessed to Take On a Sacred Fight to Save the Planet (2022)

Ingrid Katrine Amundsen


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Work in progress...



The Blessed Power of Youthhood: God-given Ideological and Rebellious Righteousness

The Divine Cognitive Patterns of Youths

Political Devotion and Civil Disobedience among Youths: Environmental Activism


Youths Sacred Strife to Save the Planet and the Nature of Humanity

Devotional and Cognitive Change in Mindsets Towards Activism

Why System Changes are Inevitable for the Survival of Mankind: The Bewild to the State of being Young Again


Why We have to Learn from the State of being Young Again: The Divine Revival of Youthhood


A Return to Youthhood, or a Turn Against the Tide?


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